Monday, October 31, 2016

About women tattoo

About women tattoo
Tattoo - a drawing of patterns on the skin by introducing under it various colorants.
This word comes from the Tahitian word "a tattoo", meaning "image."

The required effect is achieved by puncture of the skin or bone needle with metal coloring substances, or, for example, the peoples of Northeast Asia, by pulling the colored thread under the skin. The filament is subsequently removed, and coloring substances remain under the skin.

 Tattoo born yet when the primitive communal system, when it served as not only an ornament, as was the designation of the most important information about a person. According to the tattoo can be determined, the person was born in what tribe the totem see his family, his social position, and sometimes even the most important act of his life. Later tattoo custom was introduced to Europe, where its original meaning has been abolished, and began to make tattoos as a decoration, or to capture a memorable event in my life.

 Women Tattoo - is, above all, artistic drawing, performed as a art work , and information is often determined by the owner, in principle, may not be available